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Reduce Website Drop-off & Increase Sales Inquiries

Potential customers who visit your website looking for answers are not always in a position to talk over the phone. They may be at work or putting their child to bed at night (*maybe we can show this in our video). They may simply prefer to communicate via chat, like a growing portion of our populations does (*video idea: show a bunch of Millennials in a social setting, all playing with their phones) . Still, they want answers now and may even be ready to purchase your services now - if you give them the option to interact how they want to. iconRatherChat allows your business to provide that option by interacting on your behalf and creating hot sales leads from site visitors who may have otherwise dropped-off your website.





Handle Sales Inquiries more efficiently

Once iconRatherChat has Pre-qualified a chat session as a viable sales lead, there are several options for you to decide on how to continue the conversation. For example, If you have live chat agents available, they will be notified immediately within the
iconRatherChat console, that a new chat session is in their cue. In other instances, you may choose to have iconRatherChat schedule a call-back for another time or provide a phone number to connect to a live phone agent immediately.

Filter-out Unwanted Chats:

The same way that an IVR is used to filter out unwanted phone calls, an ICR filters out non-sales related chat sessions (*we need to draw this parallel clearly in the video) so that your agents are never wasting time on chats that they don’t have a shot at closing.
iconRatherChat users with administrative privileges can easily create and test new ICR’s while comparing results to previous versions in order to continuously improve ROI. The ability to seamlessly review chat logs will arm your team with the knowledge needed to make positive changes to the chat experience and gain valuable insights.





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